We all love our biryanis and pulao more than anything else out there, at least when it comes to our palates. In fact, biryani has turned out to be so popular in this day and age that certain dating apps have started to include it as a point of interest as well! But, are you aware of the fact that one of the greatest appeals of biryani lies in the rice that is used to cook it? Yes, it is everyday basmati rice that lends biryani, payesh, pulao, etc. their characteristic flavour and opulence.

A characteristic breed of rice that’s harvested across large swathes of North and North-West India, regular basmati rice has solidly managed to capture the throne when it comes to various varieties of rice that are available all across the world, but while daily basmati rice is extremely tasty and aromatic, it would be wrong to judge and categorize them as just that.

You see, everyday basmati rice features several health benefits and advantages as well, ones that aren’t usually witnessed among other rice variants, and that’s something that greatly sets them apart. In this blog, we will be taking a close look at some of the exceptional ways in which basmati rice manages to walk the tightrope of being healthy and tasty at the very same time, and why you must consider them when you head to the shopping centre the next time round. So, let’s get started.

The glycemic index does make a difference.

Rice is known to have a high glycemic index, one that enables them to be digested rapidly, thereby delivering the stored amount of energy in a seamless and rapid manner, and in most cases, this doesn’t turn out to be an issue.

The problems start to rear their ugly heads if you are diabetic, in which case the consumption of most forms of rice isn’t really advisable as they possess a high glycemic value and can throw your body’s blood sugar level out of order.

Now, here’s the interesting part. Daily basmati rice is the only rice that sports a low glycemic index, but the catch here lies in the fact that one must boil it properly to maintain that speciality. Overcooked basmati just doesn’t lose its flavour, but its glycemic capabilities as well. In this case, an optimum balance of health and taste can be effectively achieved through proper cooking protocols and methodologies.

Regular basmati rice is low in arsenic.  

Unlike what popular media and movies have led us to believe, arsenic is a naturally-occurring element that’s predominantly present in contaminated and unfiltered water. It is true that arsenic is highly toxic in nature, and repeated exposure to arsenic can have deadly consequences. Unfortunately, most of the rice variants that we commonly come across are cultivated in conditions that might expose them to heavy levels of arsenic contamination.

Well, this is a condition that’s true in most cases, except regular basmati rice, and it can be mostly attributed to the geographical locations and conditions in which they are cultivated. So, if you are going to go for basmati over any other form of rice that’s available on the market, you can be assured of the fact that the arsenic levels present within them would be significantly lower.

The widespread proliferation of brown basmati.

When it comes to rice and grains, we can segregate them effectively on the basis of the external coatings that they retain. While everyday basmati rice has its outer coatings removed and cleared, its coated cousins provide a healthy option for anyone who is looking for variation, although the trade-off comes in the form of the flavour and taste, as not everyone would take a liking to the earthy undertones that brown basmati bring to the table.

As far as playing a balancing act goes, they do manage to do it pretty effectively, but not in a way you would expect them to.

A vitamin basket. 

Modern agricultural science has come a long way in which they operate and function in this day and age, and daily basmati rice isn’t a stranger to this treatment as well. Over time, they have been changed and modified to feature a wide range of vitamins and nutrients, while the tastes and aroma have been maintained better than ever before. In fact, they have turned out to be so effective that you can consume white basmati on a regular basis to meet your body’s vitamin, carb, and other nutritional needs in an effective and efficient manner.

An effective fusion of nature’s wizardry and modern science, white basmati is at the very zenith when it comes to balance between taste and health, and the modern variants are pushing the benchmarks on a seemingly daily basis.

Final take: 

Regular basmati rice is one of the most wondrous creations of nature that you would ever come across, and if you are on the market for one staple that’s not only healthy but downright tasty as well, this is it! In 2023, there are several top companies in the country that are offering superlative grades of basmati, so these are certainly the ones you should be going for.