Organic, biodynamic and sulphite free natural wines have no nasty additives, but still a great taste. There are a range of natural wine suppliers, and with regular consumption can be good for your health. Some benefits reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and possible strokes. It can also reduce your bad cholesterol and increase this to a good level.

What Is a Natural Wine?

Natural wines are commonly sulphite free, certified organic or certified biodynamic. In regular wines, 80 or more additives can be permitted, which are used to kill any unwanted bacteria. However, their main attribute is that they act as an antioxidant. It takes thorough research, skill and high risk to create sulphite free wine.

Sulphite Free Wines 

With a different taste to mainstream wines, sulphite wines don’t contain the same levels of acidity. As well as this, they don’t have the increased aromas or initial flavours from introduced yeasts. Don’t want that bitterness after every sip? Sulphite free wines are levelled with pure delicate flavours, leaving an elegant flavour on every sip.

Why Choose a Natural Wine?

With mainstream wine flooded with high masses of sulphites and other artificial additives, natural wine is good for you and a better alternative. If you tried going sober for October, a switch to natural wine may be an option you considered.

Some of the benefits to switching to a natural wine are that they:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce risk of osteoporosis
  • Reduce muscular degeneration
  • Reduce chances of diabetes
  • Can also reduce Alzheimer’s and dementia by as much as 80%

Are you sick of enjoying an evening of wine drinking and waking up to bad headaches? Well, with sulphites possibly being the culprit of this, most natural wines don’t have these added additives which generate the headaches, brain fog and other attributes of a hangover. Switching to natural wine can also influence a better gut health and signs of dehydration will reduce.

If you want to avoid the effects of conventional wine, venturing into natural wines allows you to still enjoy a glass of wine with friends, whilst improving your health against possible illness too.

So, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to conventional wine, opt for natural wines without the harmful added chemicals.