BBQs 2u is known for its fast services and adequate supplies at its online site. They have ties to well-known companies like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Napoleon, and Ooni. Recently, they have also introduced sauces and rubs on their online site along with some essentials and tools used for grilling. All the grills and ovens are put through extensive testing by BBQs 2u to ensure that they function admirably in any weather.

Customers can go with all associated brands from BBQs 2u whether charcoal or gas cooking is their preferred method. Snow and cold cannot deter true BBQ devotees. They can even grill throughout the winter. The annual winter BBQ is becoming increasingly popular among Britons.

For starters, Kamado Joe – Classic II is the best equipment with a lid. It keeps them safe from heat and smoke. Even if it is snowing outside, and the steak is also being grilled in the backyard, the grill will keep the heat inside the ceramic dome-shaped vessel. The best part of Kamado Joe is that all their barbecue is made of thick material – ceramic.

Ordinary barbecues take longer time to cook during winter in the UK. This is because the burning charcoal quickly cools down. This also means that the griller is asking for more charcoal during winter. However, with Kamado Joe, BBQing is a lot easier. It has a charcoal chamber inside the container which retains the heat. This means, with a lesser amount of charcoal, consumers can enjoy BBQing.

Even the gas barbecues like Napoleon BBQs are extremely in demand during winter.

  • The covered gas grille is easy to access outside even when it is snowing.
  • Napoleon has more cooking space than Kamado Joe Classic I, II, and III. This means it is a perfect griller for large parties.
  • The Napoleon brand has one or more extra burners giving more heat output that helps in cooking, roasting, and grilling faster.
  • Napoleon uses a Jetfire ignition, which has also been acknowledged as being slightly superior in terms of effectiveness, durability, and reliability.
  • The Napoleon brand hides the gas tank inside all their models making it look cleaner and safer for those grilling in chilly winters.
  • It is power-packed equipment at a cheaper price.

Upon buying Kamado Joe from BBQs 2u customers get a 10% to 20% discount on each purchase. Moreover, customers can also avail of the gift distributed by BBQs 2u. These gifts include essential supplies required for grilling.

  • Official Kamado Joe cover which keeps the griller safe and clean.
  • Lumpwood charcoal for cooking
  • Wood chunks
  • Flamers natural firelighters
  • Bundle discounts with a rotisserie or any other item.

Even those who already have a griller at home can check their website for tools and accessories. They have everything from tools, utensils, charcoals and briquettes, rubs and sauces, to BBQ thermometers.

Hence, clear off the backyard, dig out your patio, set up Kamado Joe, remove the cover from Napoleon ad get started. Customers who’re still planning should get their bundle discount now from BBQs 2u. Check their Pinterest account to know all the offers and deals this season.