Pizza is the most versatile dish you will ever come across. You can add a Mexican twist to it, an Indian flavour, a Thai palate and so on! From the base to the toppings, you can have a pizza tailored to satisfy your taste buds. 

Although crust is the foundation of pizza; toppings are what bring the real flavour to it. The pizza topping you regard as the best will depend on your preference. But you must try the classics before you make your judgment. Below we have compiled a list of most popular toppings that you must try! 

A] Pepperoni 

Pepperoni is a classic topping preferred by most Americans. A spicy salami seasoned with paprika with a smoky taste is the best topping for your pizza. A spicy flavour well-balanced with the sweetness of tomato sauce. Cheesy and meaty taste that engulfs the mouth; this is what Pepperoni as a topping feel like! 

B] Black olives 

When it comes to black olives, there is a slight controversy of whether they taste good on pizza. Black olives add a salty kick to your pizza, which quite a few might dislike. However; this saltiness is spread across the pizza once cooked, which makes it a good addition and augments the taste! 

C] Chicken

Chicken is used as a topping by maximum pizza enthusiasts. It can never go wrong as chicken never tastes bad no matter what. It is a versatile topping and can be used to create a variety of pizzas like BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken to chicken bacon ranch. 

D] Sausage 

Sausages come in a variety and the kind you choose determines the taste of the pizza. You can go for sweet or spicy sausages with the meaty flavour. Due to their inherent amazing taste; the pizza will taste delicious for sure with whichever sausage you choose! 

E] Mushroom 

If you are a vegetarian; do not feel Pizza is not that good option for you. You can go for mushroom toppings that have a naturally earthy flavour and taste divine on top of your pizza! 

Peppers, Tomato and basil, cheeses, onions, ham, beef, pesto, pork, spinach, bacon are a few other toppings you might want to consider. At Double Pizza restaurant, you can find these and many more! The delectable taste of pizza you will have will be unmatched! So, pick your phone, place your order and revel on the perfect pizza bite!