Cannabis has been in use in various forms and purposes for centuries. The cannabis plant yields hemp fiber that is used as a psychotropic drug. That is why this plant has both recreational as well as medicinal uses. The medicinal use of this plant is mostly seen in treating chronic pain. Its soothing effect works like a wonder in providing relief for different kinds of physical pains. Besides it, the cannabis plant is also known to provide mental soothing. Therefore, people across the world use the plant for seeking pleasure because it has the property to transform you into a state of intoxication and oblivion also. However, its pleasure-seeking use is not permitted by law in many countries. Some countries allow its use after a certain age limit. But many believe that its uses for driving pleasure and intoxication are safer than smoking tobacco or consuming alcohol.

Forms of cannabis consumption for pleasure-seeking

Cannabis is used in various forms. Its uses differ from place to place and from generation to generation. The resinous extract of cannabis is called sinsemilla or hashish, whereas the semi-liquid extract is called hash oil. Both these extracts are believed to be strong forms for pleasure seekers. Cannabis extracts that contain high THC amounts are very popular among users who are obsessed with them. The current popularity of this pleasure substance arouses curiosity in many, and everybody seems to learn about recreational cannabis. The forms in which it is used are quite interesting to know. People drive recreation from cannabis by smoking or vaporizing it. Some people use it in edible form or mix it with tea and drink. However, smoking is the most common form of its consumption.

Pros and cons of cannabis consumption

Unlike tobacco and alcohol, cannabis consumption at a moderate level has no negative impact on health, even in the long run. Its non-smoking way of consumption is believed to be safer. Studies suggest that for an average consumer of cannabis, there is no detrimental effect on the impairment of the brain cells, physical growth, and immune system. There is no threat to society also from its users. Its addiction level is next to nothing if you compare it with other prevalent addictive substances like alcohol, tobacco, sugar, or caffeine. In the 10,000 years of the history of cannabis consumption, no death directly caused by it has been recorded. On the other hand, cannabis is known to give relaxed and delightful moments to its users, free from stress and anxiety.

Cannabis contribution to medical science

Cannabis has made a great contribution to medical sciences. Known as a potential pain reliever, it is used to treat more than 250 medical conditions that, include cancer and acne. Some of the common medical conditions that get treated by the use of cannabis are multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, anxiety, nausea caused by chemotherapy, Tourette’s syndrome, and low appetite.

The legal standing of cannabis uses

If you want to learn about recreational cannabis, you have to know about the legal standing of its uses first. Its legality differs by country regarding its cultivation, distribution, and possession. In most countries, the legal policies are mainly determined by three treaties by UNO – Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs [1961], Convention on Psychotropic Substances [1971], and Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances [1988].