There are some things kids love that adults enjoy too! Among these are devouring sweet treats, especially when you’re a bona fide sweet tooth. It’s the perfect moment where the concept of age difference melts away like sugary candy on your tongue. Such is the effect one feels when having white fairy floss.

The sight of the soft and fluffy candy immediately draws everyone’s attention. As it appears like a supple cloud but has a fantastic taste. It’s the epitome of a timeless treat enjoyed through many generations. And here are some remarkable facts you should know about the famous white fairy floss. Are you ready? 

A dentist and confectioner invented the machine to create it.

Although the concepts of sugar confectioneries were already introduced many years before, do you find this astonishing and ironic simultaneously? Who would have thought a dentist was the co-inventor of the first electronic fairy floss machine? 

So, back in 1897, there were two candy makers, dentist William Morrison and partner John C. Wharton, a confectioner. They invented the first fairy floss-making machine when sugar manufacturing advanced. In 1899, they proceeded to have their invention patented.  

St. Louis World’s Fair

Even with the machine’s invention, it took time before fairy floss was officially introduced to the public. What more suitable way to make an impact than launching it at the 1904 World’s Fair?

Was it a great success? You better believe it! There were 19 million people who attended the fair. And can you guess how many boxes were they able to sell? It reached about 70,000 boxes which they charged 25 cents each.

It indeed was good money back then, and soon enough, the entire world craved to try and have a taste of the famously soft, sweet candy. The candy-making technique was in demand.

It’s originally called “fairy floss.”

Many people indeed identify fairy floss as cotton candy. But that name only came a while after its career in the sugar industry. Even with the changes happening many years ago, around the 1920s, many still call it “fairy floss” and another reference too!

For instance, in Britain, it is called “candy floss.” For the people of the Netherlands, it is their “sugar spider”. “Dragon’s Beard” is a Chinese sweet similar to fairy floss. And for everyone in Finland and Australia, it is the “fairy floss.” It makes it truly interesting that a treat like this has incredible diversity. 

You can add it to your sugary treats recipes!

It is more than likely if you didn’t think it was possible! Many people in the sweet tooth community have been sharing many recipes, including fairy floss. May it be drinks, cookies, cakes, doughnuts, and ice cream, you name it! 

It definitely intensifies the relevancy of fairy floss, not only one’s childhood nostalgia, to making new memories today. If you are also excited to try it, you will surely get the best white fairy floss for sale right here!